The term collegiality refers to the collaborative social relationships formed by "persons united by the same office or calling."  The OED's definition of the word suggests that collegiality is associated with a spirit of cooperation and collective decision-making. 
I believe that a collegial work environment creates the conditions for a thriving language program that maximally serves the needs of our students. That is why I actively cooperate with colleagues in the creation of pedagogical material. It is also why I share the results of my research at the Center for Language Study and in my home department, as well as learning from colleagues in both places. In 2022-2023, I answered to the call to serve the University and the Department in my role as co-Director of the Spanish and Portuguese Language Program.  
Other ways in which I strive to be collegial include volunteering to create materials and tools that can help all instructors. Examples include founding the Department's first newsletter, for which I served as the lead editor, creating a Spanish Program Site, multiliteracy class design templates, language course syllabus templates, video tutorials, and knowledge databases in which to store our multimedia presentations for future use. ​​​​​​​
Faculty-wide Presentation: Department Newsletters as Tools for Innovation and Community Building
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