In the fall 2023 semester in Reading Environments: Nature, Culture, and Agency (SPAN 230), I designed two assessments that foster creativity and critical engagement with language. The first, called “Human/Non-human Agency: Readers’ Theater,” is inspired by Richard Kern’s integrative language teaching approaches. This project challenged students to think about agency through the medium of performance. 
The second assessment, named “Precarious Times: Imagining Sustainable Narratives,” is also a creative project and it challenges students to apply concepts creatively. In this project students engage in a dialogue with the ideas of political philosopher Michel Serres, as well as with Mapuche thinkers Marcelino Collio and Rúben Collio. The goal is to reconsider the social contract, or to propose alternative forms of thinking, being, and living that align with a more symbiotic relation to the Earth. Students crafted poems, short stories, conceptual videos, and wrote speculative fiction.
The outcomes of these assessments and of the implementation of this assessment is the topic of an essay that is currently in progress.
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