I have mentored graduate students in language teaching and offered them general support. My work with graduate  students has involved exchanging ideas about learning activities, thinking through didactic sequences that provide coherence to the learning experiences of our undergraduate students, designing cultural project assignments, and researching cultural texts that enrich our classes.
I have further supported graduate student development through research on pedagogy. For example, during the 2020 spring semester, I organized a research group with two graduate students (with the program director’s approval) to investigate a question that came up during a program meeting where the students were present. The students and I compiled a bibliography, selected and discussed key readings on the subject, and put together a presentation.
For examples of the spaces I create for graduate students to view their teaching inseparably from their research, see pages 10 and 11 of Acentos, our department newsletter. In that issue, two graduate students discuss their experience of teaching in my class.  
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