The mentorship and guidance that my college professors provided to me has made an enormous difference in my life. (I am a first generation elementary, high school, and college graduate.) As a university faculty member, I aim at offering similar support to all students. I thus make myself accessible to students during and after class, whether in office hours or over lunch during Spanish language tables. ​​​​​​​
I mentor undergraduates in multiple ways. For example, in working with Spanish majors at a regional university, I obtained funding for them to attend the Modern Language Association conference, which is the annual convention for professionals in the field of literature and languages. During the conference, I introduced them to faculty from other universities and attended sessions with them. 
Other activities through which I have mentored students include showcasing their work. For example, at a university conference, students in my Young Authors and Illustrators Project presented the children's books they had created for the local communityI have also mentored students by guiding their research and, in one case, co-writing an article “Early Modern Expressions of Nationhood in French and Dutch Translations of Bartolomé de Las Casas’ Brevísima relación,” which I co-wrote with a Dutch undergraduate student at Radboud University. At Yale, I serve as an FGLI mentor. 
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